Starting a business is exciting and challenging. Many women in the early stages of their business define and price their products and services and off they go. They might create a Facebook page for their business, get a cheap logo put together and maybe choose a couple of colours that they are fascinated with for their brand.

But you simply can’t build a house by slapping on a roof and hoping it doesn’t fall.

Six months after jumping into business without a solid plan for your brand’s direction, you’ll find yourself lost with a brand that isn’t bringing you the business you want, isn’t aligned with the work you want to do and that brings you brand shame!

If you want to build a successful and sustainable business, you first need to establish a solid brand foundation.

Creating a strategic brand foundation that gets to the heart and soul of your business and services will provide you with a road map for the decisions you should make, steps you should take and direction your business should grow in. 

I’ve created the Free Brand Foundations Workbook for Fierce Womanpreneurs to help you define the purpose and soul of your business and the identity you need to support that. 

The workbook is designed for women in business who have a big vision and need a brand that is geared to represent your why (purpose) and goals. A brand that is captivating and exquisite and drives your ideal customers to connect, engage and stay loyal.



  • An easy, step-by-step guide to defining the purpose of your business.
  • How to narrow down on your ideal client and the solutions you can provide to solve their problems.
  • How to identify what is unique and special about your business and services.
  • The successful steps I take my clients through to help them create a brand that is genuine, meaningful and unique.